• Image of Deku 9.0
  • Image of Deku 9.0

Our pursuit of The Ultimate Beer Experience™ is unending. We have gone the full nine inches to bring you nothing short of a revolution in beer drinking technology. Every line has been considered and calibrated. Even its precious true-gold adornment was chosen to outperform the user experience of any other glass. (Warning: Machine washing will cause a decline in overall user experience. Please hand-wash only.)

Although the Deku 9.0 is designed to service any conceivable beer, each glass includes four suggested preset drinking modes that automatically transition between popular beer styles: “Display" for shelf use, “#nofilter” for Juicy IPAs, “B.R.I.S.” for Barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stouts, and “Every Last Drop” to capture and combine those precious bottle share dregs.

Each Deku 9.0 stands proud at nearly 7 3/4 inches tall, with an impressive maximum girth of almost 12 inches. Topped-off it delivers a capacity of 14.2 fluid ounces.

For those in Seattle we offer The Masonry in Lower Queen Anne as a pick-up site for your order. If you intend to pick up your order at The Masonry, please use the code THEMASONRY at checkout to adjust shipping accordingly. Do not use this code if you cannot pickup your order in person as it WILL NOT be shipped and will otherwise be returned to inventory.

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